Tuesday, June 19, 2007

5 year old Betsy

"I want a pet. I want a cat. If I get a cat I will play with it."


Caitlin/Landy/Calrissian said...

And you got a cat. And then I ruined it for you. Poor Figaro. But I here by solemnly swear that if I move in with you there will be a cat involved.

Jim Hite said...

In another 4 years you can qualify for the crazy old lady with cats discount at PetSmart. Of course you would need the requisite 17 cats with individual names. You could have a "Mr Darcy" and a "Lord Jim" and a "Jane Eyre" and quite a few more that would make the literate few happy. AND - one of them could be "Grand Baby" - Which would make your mother happy.

Cary said...

Great work.