Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now taking suggestions

I am now accepting suggestions for future craft nights in the Shady Lady Hideaway.





Caitlin/Landy/Calrissian said...

I suggest you go to Family Fun dot com

they have a cute pattern for a shrug made from a sweat shirt.

and other fun things.

So. Cal Mayrys said...

How about making a wigwam. :)

Piper said...

Hey- I just stumbled back upon this post and I have an idea for you- several actually...

-We could have a picture organizing night (I have thousands I need to go through and get into some kind of order- and it is SO much more fun to do it with friends and fun times!)

-I have some wood already cut to make these really cool glazed picture things- I will show you sometime when we are both at my house- they are BEAUTIFUL when you get them done...Not that I have any of the finished product at my disposal- I gave them all away as gifts...

- Cookie party- we all bring ingredients to mix up different kinds of cookie dough and split the dough- we can freeze it for later use when we are ready for some "mess-free" scratch made fresh cookies

I had a TON of other ideas about three minutes ago before I actually started typing. Aggggh for pregnancy brain!?!