Monday, March 23, 2009

Financial Fast 2009

When I was in Portland last week Malia floated the idea of a spending fast in which she would only pay bills and buy groceries for a month. No eating out, no shopping for clothes or stuff for the house. I was intrigued, but not fully on board. When the stipulation of $20/week of walking around money was added, the idea became much more palatable to me. And when I changed it from a spending fast to a financial fast, I kind of loved the idea (clearly, I heart alliteration). I ran the plan by Mandy (fellow Shady Lady and BFFF) and we decided to start as soon as we practically could, which is today! I expect the next four weeks to give both my bank account and my pants some much needed breathing room. Wish me luck!

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Goldie said...

Great idea! I still have your books. When do you want me to drop them off?