Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special Redheads

I was told once by a very wise person that everyone needs a special redhead in their life. I have several special redheads in my life currently.

Special redhead #1: Allison Pipkin Hite, my once girlscamp buddy and current sister-in-law of awesomeness. Karl and Allie are freakin' adorable together! I LOVE ALLIE. I pretty much can't wait for these two to start producing some super sweet ginger nieces and nephews for me.

Special redhead #2: Krystin Pipkin, pretty much my adoptive sister/niece-in-law. I love this kid. Between her twin obsessions (Twilight and HIMYM) and straight boy craziness how could I NOT love this chick? She is hot, and available. Tell your friends.

Special redhead #3: Mandy Shaff, roommate, BFFF and Shady Lady of super-awesomeness. It's kind of remarkable that even though I spend about a billion hours per week with this gal, I'm still not sick of her! Whether we're making a POA, puting in some facetime, scouting the Simbas, hanging with the faux-fam or making random phone calls at midnight on a Thursday, I relish our friendship like Mandy relishes froyo.

You'd think that with all these special redheads in my life that there simply isn't room for one more. But when a good, cool, attractive, nice, gainfully employed (not at a movie theater) redheaded man that is also fun, funny, and interesting enters the picture, you make room.


Chelsea said...

I like the sound of this. I definitely approve of red headed men. Remember the Red-headed Spouse club?

goclaytons said...

i'm trying to remember if i've ever seen you you with long hair. you look beautiful in that pic.

Allie Hite said...

Betsy! I am so honored to be on your list! I also love that you mentioned girls camp...good times. I miss you! When will I see your beautiful face again??? LOVE YOU!!!