Monday, April 20, 2009

Partial list of stuff that I like about Nick

  1. He looks a little bit like Nacho Libre
  2. He likes good music, and insists on making me mix cd's
  3. He sent a text to my dad saying that he owns strip clubs and makes good money
  4. He will drive an hour each way just to spend some time with me
  5. Once he left me a cute note under my pillow
  6. He likes me just the way I am


Piper said...

Share more! Where did you meet him? Where does he live that it is an hour drive to see you?

Shirlene said...

Does he like to wear stretchy pants? Just for fun?

corinne and paul said...

awh! so cute :)

R* said...


goclaytons said...

ok so why no update on the blog? i just found out via the yahoo that the best you can do? congrats!

Betsy Hite Scott said...

Okay okay, I'll update. Thanks for the push, C!