Saturday, February 6, 2010

January 2010

This year I decided to tackle 12 monthly resolutions instead of the usual one or two annual new years resolutions, which are statistically abandoned by January 15th (Truly. Statistics don't lie.) Another bonus of doing resolutions in this manner is that if I lost my resolve after just one month on the wagon I would still be a success. Anyway, January's resolution was NO SODA. Period. At all. This would be the most difficult resolution for me to stick to, so I decided to take on this one first as I would have the new years momentum behind me. I am proud to announce that as of the writing of this blog I have not had ANY soda ALL YEAR. Yay me. I'm not making any promises that I'll stay off the sauce for the whole of 2010, but I'm enjoying the side effects of abandoning my vice of choice as I've lost about 5 pounds and have saved probably about $100. Score!

We're already a few days into February, and I'm still sticking to my crazyily lofty resolution for this month. Hint - you won't be seeing any photos of me like the following from Feb 2010.


jennifer casady said...

Wow! Congrats on accomplishing your goal. I know it's a tough one. I've become one with water drinking over the past couple of years and I think it's not too bad after you get used to it. Is the Feb. goal not to eat out? That's inconceivable! I miss you, lets plan a get together soon!

Goldie said...

You can do it. All night long. :)