Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let's talk about sex, baby!

A big congrats to Tyler, Dean, Alex, Kristine, Rachel, Todd and my subconscious for guessing the correct gender combo for the Nitsy Twins. That's right kids, we found out at our detailed ultrasound today that Twin A is a boy, and Twin B is... another boy! Sorry LC, we're all snips and snails and puppy dog tails over here. It did not come as a huge shock to me as I had a dream very early on in my pregnancy when I first knew about the twins that they were both boys. I was hoping for one girl, but I guess I'll have to try again for my girl.

Both babies are developing well, and still have healthy heartbeats and growth. Twin A weighs 13 oz, and Twin B weighs 14oz. For those keeping tabs, my cervix is still long and strong.

I also took the dreaded gestational diabetes test this last week... and failed. So I have to go in for a more extensive 3 hour test. Yuck!

In other fun news, I joined a podcast called Pregtastic. It's an online radio show where pregnant moms from the area get together to discuss different pregnancy topics. I have recorded 3 episodes so far, and the first came out today! If you're interested, check it out here: or just search for "pregtastic" on itunes.

Vital Stats:
How Far Along? 20.5 weeks - over half way there!

Maternity Clothes? I still fit in a few of my larger regular shirts and stretchy pants, but I'm wearing mainly maternity clothes now.

Weight Gain? 12-ish pounds, but I haven't been weighed at the doctor in a few weeks.

Stretch Marks? Oh yes. Though I think they might have been there pre-pregnancy... but I'll just go ahead and blame the twins from here on out.

Feeling Movement? Only a few times each day, but we saw that both twins were quite active during their ultrasound.

Sleep? I am sleeping 9-10 hours per night. I discovered the wonders of the body pillow, and now I'm loving my sleep again.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in. I have a belly button aversion, so we'll see how I feel if/when it pops out.

Cravings? Hotdogs and rootbeer. Weird, right?

Best Moment of the Week? Finally learning the genders of my little guys!

Genders? Boys

What I Miss? Sushi! Also, walking and taking stairs comfortably. I feel mildly disabled.

What I Love? Looking at baby clothes. Deciding on nursery decor. Feeling the babies move.

What I'm Looking Forward To? Reaching 24 weeks (viability).
Milestones? Over half way there!!!

Other Thoughts? Nick and I both feel so blessed to have such a mild and healthy pregnancy so far. Keep growing babies!

Lots of love to you all!


Shirlene said...

So, so, so excited! Your mom will be in baby boy heaven!! As will Aunt Shirlene :) Looking forward to meeting the little dudes! Love you!

Goldie said...

Fantastic!! How wonderful to hear how well the pregnancy is going. Boys!! Ahh...I'm still trying to deal with a boy. So much different than a girl. Xoxo

Stephanie said...

That is just so wonderful!! I am so happy for you! It is great when the pregnancy goes well.

Em-Cat said...

Betz! How exciting! Boys are AWESOME! You'll love being a mom to boys. I'm still mad that you've had such an easy pregnancy so far! :-) but I'll get over it. I have the GD (Gestational Diabetes) with this pregnancy and I had it with the last one. If you do end up getting it, it's not the end of the world. It's kind of like being on Weight Watchers. You can eat most anything you like, you just have to be a little more regimented. Congrats! We still need to get together since we live so close!