Monday, October 27, 2008

The Four Day Rule or The Like-Like Cycle

Days with no contact or un-returned contact via text message, phone call, voice-mail and/or email from a man that I like like.

Day one: Let down. I feel bummed that my current squeeze didn't acknowledge me during any given 24 hour period. I feel especially let down if I contacted the dude with no response.

Day two: Annoyed. By this time, I have likely contacted the man du jour, and he has yet to return my contact. My typical sentiment during hours 25-48 is either "What's the deal, dude?" or "I guess he's probably busy. Hmph."

Day three: Unacceptable. If you are a man that wants to have any sort of relationship with me, going 48-72 hours without contacting me does not bode well. I begin to wonder if he is playing some sort of weird mind game, and start thinking "Thanks for nothing, sucker."

Day four: Over it. Yep, over it. Meaning, after day four (72+ hours without contact), I stop trying. I begin to accept the fact that maybe this man is just not that into me. Day four is a good place to be. Day four is freedom from the mental agonizing. Day four is the enviable "que sera sera" day. Day four is where the confident "his loss" mentality is born. Day four is a day of liberation from the emotional prison where I have been shackled by handcuffs of boy-craziness for the last three days.

And just when I start to feel really good and mentally sound, he'll contact me. Of course he will. And the cycle starts all over again.


Piper said...

I love you, Betsy. You rock. The last small paragraph made me laugh out loud...

jennifer casady said...

Ahhh, Betsy...Someday your prince will come and he better not be playing any games. You've already had 6 years of childish-ness ;) Good luck with the emotional roller coaster ride. Sometimes all you can do is say, "Boys suck." and then eat chocolate.

Jim Hite said...

All those sentiments only apply when YOU want him to call. Otherwise it's Day 1 - STALKER!!, Day2 - Stalker., Day 3 - Creepy., Day 4- Can't get a clue. And if no call Day 5 - Whew!!

kP~love said...

hahahahahahahahahahha a

OOOOH betsy.

how is everything now. whats the update!!!!!!!!!!!

ok seriously go to this blog. subrscibe to it. its hillarious every time i read it. ok here you go

sometimes he makes his own twilgiht stuff that is equally AWESOME. oh man......

proceed to laughter

kP~love said...

i freaking hate this cylcle.

i was re reading this and i brought on a wave of fury... i hope i dont hit the boy sitting next to me.. i mean its not his fault he chose the computer next to mine in the library...... URG!

hey also, i wrote a blog about twilight of course:)

ShECK it out :)