Monday, November 17, 2008

Desperate? Well... you be the judge.

So, I have "resorted" to internet dating. True story! It can only be described as totally diverting, and pure comedy.

Hilariously, I have been contacted by the following men:
1) A man from/currently living in Lima, Peru.

2) A man aged 47 who had this to say: "okay, i know i'm well outside your preferred age range, but i just had to tell you that i think you're adorable!" You know who else thinks I'm adorable? My dad. And he can use the shift key. Just saying.

3) A man aged 43 who had this to say "... I love reading, working out, drives up the coast, Salsa dancing, watch a sunset when I have someone special in my life, movies, fine dining and listening to live Jazz. May I call you? Ciao." Is it just me, or does this individual sound like the most boring/cliche middle-aged single dude ever? I bet he also likes long walks on the beach and cuddling in front of a fireplace. Seriously.

4) An old dude aged 64 that commented "I loved your profile, what do you think of mine?" I think yours shows that you are a 64 year old bald wrinkly dude living in Canada!! Which part of that is supposed to be attractive to me?

5) And, my favorite so far, my profile was viewed by a 70 year old. Maybe he was searching for/trying to reconnect with his grand kids? One can only hope.

Yes! Comedy gold, I tell you! SO WORTH the small fee I paid. My profile has been viewed by over 170 men in addition to those listed above. Not bad for a little over a week. Anyway, there are a few dudes that I would actually consider going out with, but I'm not holding my breath. It was more of a social experiment/distraction while the man that I really want to date is currently unavailable. I don't anticipate renewing my subscription at the end of the month. I'd guess that it can't be as much fun once the novelty has worn off.


R* said...
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R* said...

oh dear.

i know i have reached new lows in dating these days (ok, so it can't get much lower than... NOT dating) but i have heard NO good stories from any of my friends who use the interwebs to meet the mens. therefore, i refuse to ever join one of said dating sites. ok, so maybe it IS ok to look, and actually, my friends DO have "good stories," but they're the kinds without happy endings, just lotsa shock value and entertainment.

also, i neglect the shift key a lot.

also, 70?

also... you ARE adorable!

Richard and Monika Mills said...

internet dating has it's ups and downs, there are a lot more potential guys, but as with everything. They may not hold the same views as you. Mormon dating sites are even more interesting, as with social experiments the numbers do the talking. The more you are out there, more numbers you go through, the guy you want is there. It took me a long time to find my best friend and a lot of weird dudes and "interesting" dates.
I don't think you are desperate, I think you know what you want and will find it. You are a sweetheart, and will find that guy...just give it some time.

kP~love said...


oooooooooh man that is so flipping hillarious i cant even begin to put my thoughts into words. OK.

wow, the 64 year old man...that sounds like something iwould saY hahahahahahahahahahahah but you have to admit, these guys are just trying to find love too.. its just kinda creepy i guess but sweet... kinda....

HAHA oh mam this is so funny:) i love u

Chani said...

Oddly enough, I actually met a couple who met through eHarmony on our cruise last year. After talking to them about it, Scott and I wondered if we would have been "matched up." Apparently it is very high class, and has various levels of contact before any real meetings or even name exchanges begin.

Just a thought.