Thursday, November 20, 2008


A prospective mate must be:

1) Good
2) Cool
3) Attractive
4) Nice
5) Gainfully Employed

All the things that I really want in a dude fall into one of those broad categories. Honestly! For example, being a current temple recommend holder falls under the "good" category. Being interesting and adventurous falls under the "cool" category. Showing affection in tender ways as well as all those thoughtful gifts or gestures fall under the "nice" category. I could go on and on. As far as specifics, if any interweb stalkers are poring over my blog for hints on how to be my ideal fella, well, let me just point you in the direction of this article.

So, tell me ladies and gents, what is/was on your list?


Jim Hite said...

Two things:



Brig & Chels said...

Betsy, you for got number 6! He has to be red headed so that you can be in the red headed spouse club.

Piper said...

good notes in comment one!

I tagged you- check my blog when you get a minute...