Monday, June 15, 2009

I have been disowned

Since news of Nitsy's impending union broke I have slowly but surely been disowned by the members of my singles ward. The invitations to go out and do things have slowed from a virtual downpour to a light drizzle. I was shocked to learn that I was removed from the Visiting Teaching list for the month of June. I am getting released from my calling as a Family Home Evening group leader on Sunday. Further, I have not been asked out on one single date all month long! Jerks. But I have come to accept my fate. Tonight at FHE Mandy introduced herself to a new girl. That delightful girl asked my name and I said "it's Betsy, but don't bother remembering it. I'm getting married next week." This she accepted without even batting an eye. And that's pretty much the gist of it. I have been disowned. But it's all in the pursuit of something great and wonderful. The consummation of Nitsy and the premier of Fusion House. I was never happier to be excluded.


Stephanie said...

that first sentence is a little scary because you didn't mention with what or who the union was braking away from and it scared me! Happy marriage next week!!!!!!

Karl Hite-- said...

Who is this "Fusion House"? Does it like poopies and light tan?

Goldie said...

Ha ha. That was quick. Right after your shower?? The nerve of those jerks to not ask you out. You must have the letter A on you or something. He he. I'm so happy for you!! It was great seeing you the other day!