Friday, April 27, 2012


After some random inspection drama and an interesting mortgage procurement process (being in a different state) we bought the Blue House! And are moving into it at the end of May! Full disclosure: I originally typed that first sentence without any exclamation points. I've been really reserved about the whole process knowing that it could all go to hmmhmm at a moments notice. My life is basically a soap opera so when meth was detected in the house during the home inspection it kind of made perfect sense. Luckily it was remediated and we were able to move forward on the deal. But it was stuff like that which made me keep my emotional distance during the whole roller coaster process. But we've now closed and received the keys so I can use exclamation points! Without! Reserve! EXCLAMATION! POINTS!!!!

 Karl and Allie will stop by for random quality control checks over the next few weeks to make sure that the local youths are behaving and that hobos and/or a family of raccoons has not taken up residence.

Now the reality of home ownership is starting to settle in with its various required responsibilities. Get HVAC bids, schedule yard maintenance, set up utilities, buy a hose and/or sprinkler, change the locks, get the carpet cleaned, change address on everything, schedule moving truck, pack the whole universe, throw away 50% of our belongings, do a sometimes-metaphorical-sometimes-literal tap dance to entertain twins whilst simultaneously working a demanding job without missing a beat. You know, the usual stuff.

Can't wait until moving day!


The Hites said...

That's so exciting! That is a long list of things to do, but it'll be time to move before you know it and everything will have been done. Also Zach and I are totally available when you get to Provo, so if you need any help let us know!

Stephen said...

Great stuff! Hope it goes smoothly for you!