Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Double Trouble

I'm in a bit of a pickle, kids. This week I have been hanging out with these two dudes, and we all have been having a really fun time together. I really like hanging out with men. They are less petty, more relaxed and typically easier to read than women. Plus, if there's a chance for some action, that is also preferred. Just sayin. Anyway, here's the thing - I can't tell which one of my new buddies (if either) likes me. I mean like likes me. I'm usually pretty intuitive about these things, but in this case I can see signs of interest in both of these dudes. They are pretty close, so I don't think that either would stand in the way of the other's possible happiness with me, so I just don't get it. Perhaps they are just trying to see who I like before proceeding. If so, best of luck to them. I'm a tad on the boy crazy side as of late, so I'd date either. But I won't lie - there is one that I'd be a little quicker to say yes to. There's really something to be said for mystery. And dreaminess. And classically good looks. And being able to build a house by hand from the ground up. And laser tag proficiency.

In addition to the above, I have a couple other possibilities on deck. One Jane Austen lover (say it with me: HOT.) Plus I was asked out via facebook chat by another acquaintance yesterday. Interesting.


Jim Hite said...

Might be a solution in the works.

Caitlin/Landy/Calrissian said...

priceless dad. priceless.