Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have recently started attending a singles ward for church. It's been fun and funny. My Bishop is a funny and genuinely delightful man. He has been troubled lately by the lack of proper dating between the members of the ward, so he adopted a plan that he has seen work in other singles congregations in the past. Each ward member filled out a slip of paper with his or her name at the top followed by a list of 5 people they would like to go out with. Once the lists are in, the process of comparing and contrasting can commence. If there is any cross-over in lists (you have written the name of someone that wrote your name as well) Bishop would contact the dude to inform him that he should ask that specific girl out on a proper date. Matchmaking at its finest.

My list was simple as I'm new and still trying to diversify my dating portfolio. I listed three men that I had hung out with in a group setting, one man that I talked with briefly that I find attractive, and one man that had spoken in Sacrament Meeting that day that I found both attractive and well spoken (important qualities in any sort of friend.) So far I know that I had one instance of cross-over (see previous post). We'll see if I get any dates out of the deal.


california smiths said...

Only mormon bishops would do that to their congregations. Good luck with it!

Stephanie said...

Hilarious. Our ward did it! (Seacliff)