Thursday, January 15, 2009

Triangulation Station Textation

JK: Hey I was just thinking about last night and I'm sorry if it was awkward.

BHS: How's this for awkward? It seems we've got a bit of a triangle going here. I'm interested in M and I'm sensing that you are interested in me. Am I wrong?

BHS: Just thought I'd throw that out there. Nothing like clearing the air via test message. Ha.

JK: I wouldn't lie but I do like you. But I can tell you like him.

JK: Amen I'm glad you put it out there.

BHS: Yeah sorry to disappoint... But just so you know, you did make my list :) I'm just obviously interested in M right now for some unexplained reason.

BHS: Well let's agree to be friends without any awkwardness and just a hint of attraction and tension. Agreed? :)

JK: LOL totally agreed! Just to let you know you made my list too :)

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