Saturday, January 3, 2009

Operation: Place Holder

As a teen my siblings and I would come up with code "operation" names for the people that we were currently crushing on. Who could forget Operation: Rio Salsa, Operation: Huff n Puff, or my favorite, Operation: Fill 'er Up!? In my current incarnation as a single person I have had a few active operations including the ill-fated Operation: Red Dragon, the revisitation of Operation: TP Salsa, as well as the dead-on-arrival Operation: Taco Bell. I hit pause on Operation: J2.0 when he moved out of state. I diverted myself with the internet thing for a while, but it was a dead end. So I began looking around closer to home. Enter Operation: Place Holder.

I have been going out on dates with Operation: Place Holder for the past few weeks. I realized practically from the beginning that it was going nowhere fast. Let's face it; I was never super attracted to this guy on any level, but I thought I would give him a shot. What did I have to lose, right? The dude was intoxicated by my free spirited ways, and I will admit that I was loving the attention he heaped on. For about two days. Then I was like -- hey, ease up bro. I wanted to keep things casual, while he showed signs of wanting to lock this down (and really, who could blame him?) One friend pointed out that I was way out of his league. Another mentioned that I was probably just rebounding. Possible, I guess. Historically speaking, I don't do rebounds, that is, unless I'm using the classic "Want to get involved in a really unhealthy rebound relationship?" pick-up line. Anyway, whatever the motives for dating Operation: Place Holder were, they are no more. I mercifully cut him loose last night before he had the chance to get even more attached. As much as I love free meals, I don't relish the idea of breaking hearts. And as his operation name states, he was really nothing more than a place holder for me.


Malia , aka - Smalgina said...

I hear that TP Salsa has gone to Utah to look for a wife this week...perhaps Operation: TP Salsa has another chance?

Betsy Hite Scott said...

He packs heat for his career, so that's pretty much a no.